1.       What is the offer?

a.       Tailmill.com users can choose to get cash of upto Rs.1000 delivered with their orders


2.       What are the conditions?

a.       Your order should contain at least one product from TWF Flours

b.       You need to pay online using a KYC compliant instrument


3.       What is TWF?

a.       TWF is an atta brand with a signature line of 3 wheat flours (Highland, Indie and Reliq). You can read more about their products here – tailmill.com/twf


4.       I like a different brand of atta. Why do I need to buy TWF to avail this facility?

a.       Cash deliveries are expensive. And instead of passing on the cost to you, we decided to partner with brands like TWF who are covering the cost of the delivery. So your cash delivery is absolutely

b.       There is no compulsion on minimum order, you can even choose the 1kg, 2kg packaging


5.       What denomination of notes will I get?

a.       Rs.100 notes primarily. PLEASE NOTE – New Rs.500 or Rs.2000 will NOT be delivered (unlike as mentioned in some media reports)


6.       Can I choose my desired currency notes - e.g. I want the amount chosen to be delivered in Rs.10 and Rs.20 notes?

a.       No


7.       How much cash can I get delivered from Tailmill?

a.       New users are restricted to Rs.500/order.

b.       Customers who have been strong advocates of tailmill, and have achieved the rank of Major (see referral program here) can request up to Rs.1000/order

c.       Max limit of Rs.1000/user/day

d.      The facility will be subject to all applicable restrictions imposed by banks, Reserve Bank of India and government notifications from time to time.


8.       I need more than Rs.1000 in cash, what do I do?

a.       This service only intends to provide small, intermediary liquidity to people to help them out with small, day-to-day transactions. Please continue to use your Bank and ATMs as your primary source of liquidity.


9.       Can I get the cash delivered to a friend or relative’s address or can someone collect the cash on my behalf?

a.       Yes. But with the following requirements:

                                                               i.      ID (or copy thereof) of the person requesting the cash delivery (Voter ID, Passport, Pan Card, Aadhaar, Drivers License)

                                                             ii.      ID (or copy thereof) of the person who is receiving the cash delivery (Voter ID, Passport, Pan Card, Aadhaar, Drivers License)


10.   What documents do I need at the time of delivery?

a.       An ID (Voter ID, Passport, Pan Card, Aadhaar, Drivers License)


11.   Will this data be shared?

a.       Yes, with our payment partners and with their respective compliance teams


12.   What if my documents are not ready?

a.       We will reattempt the delivery free of cost 1 time

b.       There will be a delivery fee of Rs.50 levied if the order has to be attempted more than 2 times for the lack of documents


13.   I changed my mind and I do not want the cash any more – how do I cancel?

a.       Please write to us at support  (at)  tailmill.com and we will initiate a refund to your method of initial payment